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Cat Nail Caps

Dog TemplateNail polish for your cat? How about nail caps? These stylish claw caps are made to protect you and your furniture from being scratched and will make your cat look sooooo cute!


Comes in sets of 20 or 40 claw caps, along with glue. Many colors available. Choose your favorite.


Application is pretty simple too. Just fill the nail caps with some glue then slide them over your cat's nails.


How much do they cost? Around $5 on or $18 on


Cat Blanket

Dog TemplateBeautiful fleece pet blanket with paw prints to keep your cat warm and cozy. Use it with your cat's bed or on the couch or any place you want to keep clean.


They wash well and easy to care for.


Cat Hats

Dog TemplateKeep your cat warm during winter season with these stylish hats.

Made of cotton & polyester.

Available in different head sizes.






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